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Language: Nepali
Published:September 20, 2021
Dimensions:5.1 x 7.7 x 0.9 inches
Weight:270 g

About the Book

Going back in the history of Nepal, the book deals with the story of King Shah Prithvi Narayan Shah and the Sen Kings of Nepal who allegedly tried to end discrimination. It also talks about how power can be used to harm marginalized people and also advises social reforms and the emancipation of marginalized people. It is an epic that captures the plight and suffering of marginalized people in Nepal. Revolving around the issues of caste discrimination and untouchability that are common in Nepali society, the writer used prose as a technique to portray the experiences of several members of the marginalized people in Nepal.


पछिल्लो बाहिरी पृष्ठबाट

मलाई तिमीले जस्तै
सबै कुरा बिर्सँदै जाने छुट छैन
नसम्झीकन त कसरी गर्ने र
समयसँग हरेक सम्झौताको सम्पूर्ण हिसाब ?

यत्ति सम्झ कवि-
फूल रोप्ने माटो तिमीलाई कस्ले दियो ?
कस्ले बाल्यो त्यही माटोमा झरिलो अग्नि ?
र, यो पनि नबिर्स-
तिम्रा पुर्खाले त्यही आरनको आगो लगेर
खरानीमा छोपेर राखेका हुन्
तिम्रो भान्साको बिउ आगो !

आरन बिटुलो छ भने
तिम्रो भान्सा पनि बिटुलियो यही आगोको स्पर्शले
साँच्चै भन अब तिम्रो भान्सा कसरी चोख्याउँछौ ?

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