About Us

Thuprai is a digital platform for arts and literature. Besides being an online store for physical books with one of the largest catalogs in Nepal, Thuprai is also the only commercial platform for e-books and audiobooks. Thuprai is also the online ticketing partner for Nepathya, Shilpee Theatre, and Studio Theatre.

Thuprai was started in February 2019 as an e-commerce platform for selling physical books. Thuprai became a prominent company for the online book business in Nepal after a few months of its launch and also started assisting publishers to explore and expand the book market. Thuprai has been helping publishers in making their paperbacks and hardcovers available worldwide through major retailers like Amazon, and Barnes & Noble employing print-on-demand technologies. Thuprai has also been helping publication houses make their books available digitally on international platforms like Amazon Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Google Play Books, Apple Books.

In April 2020, Thuprai came up with an e-book platform of its own to facilitate Nepali readers with access to books from several of the major publishers in Nepal, thus becoming the only commercial platform where publishers and authors can sell e-books to readers in Nepal. New titles have been continuously added as e-books, which can be read conveniently from Android and iOS apps. In the subsequent lockdown, Thuprai also started selling audiobooks on its platform.

Thuprai has also been helping organizations setup their own library with bulk book provision and a friendly cataloging system. Besides, Thuprai has also been providing promotion, ticketing, and entrance management services for arts and literature events.

It thrills us we could turn our passion into a range of valuable products and services. We hope you enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have questions, please contact us.

thuprai.com team