Witnessing Palace, Power and Politics's front cover
Witnessing Palace, Power and Politics's front coverWitnessing Palace, Power and Politics's back cover

Witnessing Palace, Power and Politics Memoirs of a Military Secretary of the King of Nepal

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About the Book

A memoir of a former military secretary, which takes us deep into the intrigues at the Narayanhiti Royal Palace, provides an inside view into the contemporary events of our times- the Royal Massacre, King Gyanendra's wresting of executive powers, and the Maoists' armed rebellion. It also sheds light upon the Comprehensive Peace Accord between Nepal's then mainstream political parties and the rebelling Maoists; and the downfall of the 240-year old monarchy and the dawn of republicanism in Nepal.
Written with courage and at great personal risk, the book is a must for anyone who wants to understand the contemporary history of Nepal.