Beginning of New Age

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Genre:Science Fiction, Fantasy
Language: English
Published:October 31, 2022

From the backcover

When experimental monkeys escaped from one of the world’s most advanced and secret labs researching the anti-aging drug, an intensive search began to bring them back. Enraged by the escape of the monkeys, the king of the country wages a brutal war against the animals to bring the escaped animals back at any cost.
The missing monkeys, who had become intelligent with the effect of drugs, kept hiding in the jungle for a few years while human atrocities against them, remains unabated. At the same time, the newly born lion cub went missing, and the animals found that the king had abducted the cub. The king of the jungle, with the help of an intelligent monkey, plots a war against the humans to bring back his child, but it turned to be an unwise move for the animals.
The story revolves around the animals’ attempt to bring back the cub.

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