The Dog With Three Ears's front cover

The Dog With Three Ears The tale of a Nepalese street dog

Rs 250
Genre:Historical Fiction
Language: English

About the Book

There was a street puppy in Nepal who, by accident, got her ear cleaved in two by her friend, the butcher, when she tried to steal a chicken from his wooden stub.
She was a great listener to all the people in the neighborhood who sat down next to her and told her about their problems. She listened to cultural problems, when love was impossible because of the caste system, about the utter horror of losing a child, bullying in school and what it’s like when you have to hide your sexuality in a conservative society.
One day she met Her, the strange, pale woman with bells chiming around her ankles. 
Was it possible for her, a street dog among others, to finally find a family who would give her love, a home and a name?