Butterfly Diaries's front cover
Butterfly Diaries's front coverButterfly Diaries's back cover

Butterfly Diaries Collection of Modern Poems

Rs 145
Language: English

From the backcover

Excerpt from 'Butterfly Wings':

The butterfly lay dead under the old garden seat. I gently picked her up. Her wings fell on my palms, her body lay motionless and still.

'Butterfly Diaries' tells stories, short and long, in poetic style. The style of writing is open, modern, narrative and fragmented, inviting the reader through diverse charming little tales.

Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Medha Upreti works as a tutor, writer and translator. She debuted as a poet with the publications of "Musings on the Ordinary and the Mundane" and "The Rebellion, A Collection of Contemporary Poems" in 2021 on thuprai.com. "Butterfly Diaries" is her third poetry book.