The Pandemic Years

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Genre: Business & Economics
Language: English
Published: February 06, 2023
Edition: 1st


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937942065
ISBN10: 9937942063
Pages: 328

About the Book

The Pandemic Years is a collection of articles that appeared in 'The Other View' column of The Kathmandu Post from March 2020 till December 2022. The book is divided into six sections to reflect the range of topics covered in the column. Business and Economy covers a vast array of topics, including reforms, investment climate, and how the private sector functions. Culture and Society delve upon various issues, challenging and provoking reflection on numerous ideas and practices. Geo-politics covers the perspective of exploring the intersection of Nepal and the world. In Governance and Politics, the underlying idea relates to what the government needs to do. In Leadership, the pieces relating to individual reflection around change are discussed. The final section, Musings and Reflections, is a general category devoted to observations and the resulting thought processes.

From the backcover

Sujeev Shakya is the founder and CEO of beed, an international management consulting and advisory firm. He is the author of Unleashing Nepal and Unleashing The Vajra. He has been writing 'The Other View' column of The Kathmandu Post since March 2012.