Textbook of Microbiology for Nurses's front cover
Textbook of Microbiology for Nurses's front coverTextbook of Microbiology for Nurses's back cover

Textbook of Microbiology for Nurses

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Language : English

About the Book

Microbiology is an emerging field of biological science that deals with diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of communicable disease. Thorough knowledge of microbiology is essential to every healthcare worker to reduce morbidity and mortality. Textbook of Microbiology for Nurses; comprising 87 chapters including bacteriology, immunology parasitology mycology,virology, clinical microbiology and laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Textbook of Microbiology for Nurses provides all essential information regarding the general characters of microorganisms i.e., morphology, antigenic structure, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, method of specimen collection, microscopic examination, culture, identification of microorganism, treatment, prevention and control. For student examination point of view at the end of each chapter provided with questions (Multiple choice questions and essay type questions).

This book has been written in simple language, easily understandable, need based; well labeled diagram and tables have been furnished at appropriate places. This textbook would be useful for the students of medical, dental, nursing and paramedical sciences of graduate levels.