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School Education In Nepal

Edited by Lokranjan Parajuli, Edited by Devendra Uprety, Edited by Pratyoush Onta
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Genre:History, Politics
Language : English
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School Education in Nepal: History and Politics of Governance and Reforms charts the efforts of the various regimes since the Ranas to “school” the people of Nepal and the politics behind those initiatives. It also looks at the policies and regulations that govern the school sector. The book contains ten chapters divided in four major sections corresponding with the following political periods in recent Nepali history: pre-Panchayat (pre 1960), Panchayat (1960–1990), democratic (1990–2015) and the federal transition years (post 2015). The chapters provide a basic historico-political context to understand the complexities, the roles of various actors and factors in the development of school education in Nepal, as well as the consequences of the politics and policies, intended or otherwise, of such education. The book is especially useful for a younger cohort of researchers doing work on Nepal’s school education from a variety of social science disciplines.