Jail Journal

Jail Journal

जेल जर्नल

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Language: Nepali
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About the Book

The writer is known as the Father of Nepali Literature. This autobiography is of severe importance not only as history but also from political aspect in the study of History of Nepal. It contains details of incidents in history and important things that happened in the past. It talks of the struggles the author faces in life at jail and here the political life is portrayed. Here are talks of discipline and laws at that period, rules and belief. There was violation, discrimination and it depicts the vulnerability, cruelty and injustice given to the Nepalese. He also talks of politics, violation, rule, and incidents that have major impacts and still results the process of living in current Nepal. He has fought for justice and freedom to Nepali people through the strength of his pen and writing. He was one of the greatest thinkers. Every Nepali citizen has the right to know about this time. It will present enchanting study for students of history and culture of Nepal


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