Anuradha Bhavan's front cover
Anuradha Bhavan's front coverAnuradha Bhavan's back cover

Anuradha Bhavan

Rs 560
Language : English
Published: January 2021

About the Book

"This insightful book pens thoughts for people of all ages, genders & professions."

-Hon'ble Madhaw Kumar Nepal (Former Nepal PM)

"Poignant and pertinent. Ganesh Lath crafts a family drama of epic proportions!"

-Vineet Malhotra (Prime Time Anchor & Noted Journalist)

"This is a must read novel"

-Radha Paudel (Bestselling Author & Activist)

"A milestone in the field of Nepalese writing."

-Biswa Raj Adhikari (Author & Noted Professor)


From the backcover

Two brothers, Biraju & Saraju, lose their father at a young age. While they love each other, they hate each other's way of living.

Their widowed mother, Anuradha, stands like a rock and fights with the world outside as well as her inner self as she battles several ailments at once.

Sarswati, Biraju's child bride, experiences differences between being a daughter and a daughter in law at a young age of 14.

As situations toughen, will Biraju be compelled to give up his education or overcome this obstacle? Will Anuradha manage to change her family's life of adversity for the better?

Will the two brothers be able to reunite?

Narrated by a mysterious entity, devour a fascinating human drama that explores the trials and tribulations of one family wreaked by the death of a family member and unravel the secret of the narrator's identity!