Ganesh Prasad Lath

गणेशप्रसाद लाठ

गणेशप्रसाद लाठका लेखनीमा मधेसको सरस कथ्यशैलीको मधुरता छ। उनका यसअघि अनुराधा भवन र अघटित' (उपन्यास) तथा छमिया (कथासङ्ग्रह) प्रकाशित छन् । व्यङ्ग्यको तड्का लगाएर सामाजिक विकृति-विसङ्गलिको उत्खनन गर्नु उनको लेखनको मूल विशेषता हो । वीरगन्जमा जन्मेहुर्केका उनी व्यवसाय र समाजसेवामा पनि सक्रिय छन् ।

Ganesh Lath belongs to the business community of Nepal.

A Karate Black Belt in his younger days, he now loves to practice Vipassana meditation.

Ganesh has been writing for the last three decades. Anuradha Bhavan was first published, in the Nepalese language, in Nepal. His other published works are Chhammiya and Aghatit (satirical novel). His next book, Chhamadaan, is in the process of being published.


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