Dinesh Adhikari

दिनेश अधिकारी

दिनेश अधिकारी, नेपाली कवि तथा गीतकार हुन् । तीक्ष्ण संवेदना र प्राञ्जल शैलीका धनी कवि अधिकारीका कवितामा एकातिर समकालीन सन्दर्भप्रतिको यिनको संवेदनशीलता प्रखर ढङ्गले उजागरित भएको पाइन्छ भने अर्कोतिर मानवजीवनका शाश्वत र नैसर्गिक भावहरु पनि उत्तिकै टड्कारोसित अनुगुञ्जित भएको सुन्न सकिन्छ । उनका फुटकर कविताहरूको संगालो "अतिरिक्त अभिलेख" एक मनमोहक काव्य-पुञ्जको रूपमा आएको छ । विम्व, प्रतीक, व्यञ्जना, वक्रोक्ति, व्यंग, सूक्ष्महास विद्रोह, पीडा, बुद्धि र भावनाबीचको समन्वय, लयसंवेदना आदि सबैको सम्यक् सन्तुलनको कारण दिनेश अधिकारी एक आकर्षक कवि हुन् ।

Dinesh Adhikari is a prominent personality in the realm of Nepali poetry and music at the strength of the different genres and formats he has attempted and his powerful and distinctive writing style.

Born in Kathmandu on December 7, 1959, Dinesh's literary creations started being published in 1976. He is a celebrated lyricist with around 500 songs to his credit. He has written for motion pictures, independent lyrics and has produced fourteen solo music albums.

Antarka Chhitaharu (Sprinklings from Within) 1980, Dhartiko Geet (Song of the Earth) 1987, Aadim Aawaj (Early Voices) 1989, Atirikta Abhilekh (Additional Documents) 2000, and Seemanta Sapana (Borderline Dreams) 2010 are his published anthologies of poems. Apart from poems, he has written an epic Indrajatra, 1994, Bhariya ko Bhugol, 2017 and collections of lyrical poems entitled Aviram Yatra (Unending Journey) 1991, Afnai Man Afnai Aagan (My Mind – My own Courtyard) 1997, Man Ra Modeharu (The Labyrinths of the Mind) 2007 and Ma Birsu Kasori (How can I Forget ) 2018. Dinesh has written a Children's Opera (Song Drama) Jungleko Katha Jungleko Byatha (The Stories of Woes of the Jungle) 2001. In addition to the above, Dinesh also has Samvedana ke Swar 2015, a translation of his poems in Hindi and a memoir Tasveer ko Katha (Story of Picture ) 2017.

Recipient of the most prestigious national awards for literature like the Madan Puraskar and Sajha Puraskar, Dinesh Adhikari has also received the Chhinnalata Song Award for his contribution to the enrichment of Nepali music.

Dinesh Adhikari also served as the Secretary of the Government of Nepal.

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