You Already Have Miraculous Power
You Already Have Miraculous PowerYou Already Have Miraculous Power

You Already Have Miraculous Power

A Life Guide for Teenagers

Rs 150
Language: English
Published:November 2022

From the backcover

"This small book is written for the students, especially teenagers. The examples given here are mostly in the context of South Asian or Indian Subcontinent. The writer belongs to Southern part of Nepal who is familiar with north Indian culture too. The book is largely influenced by general problems found with students. He has tried to answer these questions on the basis of his experience and the suggestions by some of the experts in related fields. He has tried to discuss the issues like - What should be your aim in life? How to select the right aim for you? How to manage your time? What should you do when you like someone and feel love for him or her? How to control sexual desire? How to save your younger brother and sister's life in case of a kidnap? What can you do when you happen to think of suicide? Should you learn to earn money before completing study?