Yogmaya and Durga Devi

Rebel Women of Nepal

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Genre: Biography, Nepali History
Language: English
Published: February 05, 2021
Edition: 1st


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789994655373
ISBN10: 999465537X
Pages: 320
Weight: 350 g

From the backcover

Is it possible that a century ago two women, both champions of justice, emerged from little-known villages in East Nepal to offer solutions to their nation's social and political ills? In Yogmaya & Durga Devi: Rebel Women of Nepal, Dr. Aziz continues to pursue the legacy of these historical figures whose achievements she documented starting in 1980. Heir to A Silent Song, her first book on the subject, brought Yogmaya Neupane to public attention. Here the author moves from historical disclosure to question Yogmaya's relevance in contemporary Nepal, while also turning the spotlight on Durga Devi Ghimire, Yogmaya's compatriot. She asks: what do these women, with their contrasting strategies and visions, offer modern Nepal?