The Science of Thought's front cover
The Science of Thought's front coverThe Science of Thought's back cover

The Science of Thought

Rs 375
Language : English
Published: January 18, 2024
Weight:210 g

From the backcover

The book's title itself is thought-provoking, and the subject matter calls for deep study and quiet contemplation. It provides the key to accessing moments of success and the enchanting moments of life. With explicit and detailed explanations, the book presents the wondrous workings of thought-power with a thoroughly scientific approach to achieving success in the materialistic realm. 

It also explains how transcendent it is to experience the bewitching moments of life in the spiritual realm. This transcendental experience can transform one's life into a state of wondrous light and bliss, leading to emancipation from the cycle of births. The primary tool for making this happen is gaining indomitable control over the mind. Those who master the art of concentrating on thought and delving into its source uncover the secrets of the Ultimate Truth and attain everlasting happiness, peace, and bliss. Success, in all its forms, yields to their command.