The Power of Negotiation's front cover

The Power of Negotiation How the Leaders Do it

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Genre:Business & Economics
Language : English
Published: January 28, 2023
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About the Book

Leadership qualities are best demonstrated under tough conditions. Negotiating during bad times to get the desired outcome is the real mark of an astute leader. Motives and emotions can play a major role in making one a leader who can negotiate with others to arrive at a mutually acceptable win-win situation. The Power of Negotiation explores the subject mainly from a possibility thinker’s perspective. It elaborates on the art and science of negotiation, underlining the importance of possibility thinking for leaders to negotiate effectively. It demonstrates how possibility thinking can often make the parties agree to something which otherwise is supposed to be impossible. The book is a valuable handbook for senior business executives who spend most of their time meeting people, negotiating deals and resolving conflicts.