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The Penguin Book of Dragons

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Genre:Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
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Published: May 05, 2022

About the Book

The definitive global anthology of writings about dragons, from Ancient Egypt to the modern day

Since the earliest moments of human history, dragons have occupied a place in our imaginations. Bringer of night in Ancient Egypt; mortal enemy of the elephant in South Asia; slain by a god in Sanskrit hymn. In the Book of Revelation, there is the Leviathan; in Loch Ness, a monster. Their crushing coils and their treasure hoards are found throughout literature and language: in the Old English of
Beowulf, in the Elvish of Tolkien, in the far-flung travels of Marco Polo.

The Penguin Book of Dragons is the definitive collection of all this and more: two thousand years of legend and lore about the menace and majesty of dragons.