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The Feluda Journal

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Language : English
Published: December 23, 2023
Dimensions:5.31 x 8.5 x 0.43 inches
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About the Book

Felu, the super slueuth, is the nickname of Pradosh C. Mitter. Although Satyajit Ray wrote Feluda stories for the largely younger readers, soon it was found that they were being read by their parents as well. Soon longer stories followed-novelettes-taking place in a variety of picturesque settings.From the historical setting of Lucknow-to solve the mystery of diamond ring, which once belonged to the Mughal emperor Aurengzeb-to the Blue Beryl of Kailash Chowdhury, this is the first ever Feluda journal, which opens a window to unseen archiving materials, illustrations and rare publicity stills created by Ray.