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Shadow Work Journal for Self-Love Powerful Prompts and Exercises to Integrate Your Shadow and Embrace Your Inner Child

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Published: May 23, 2023

About the Book

Practice self-love with guided shadow work exercises and journaling prompts that help you heal old wounds, break harmful cycles, and accept all parts of yourself.

Shadow work is the process of uncovering the parts of you that you subconsciously hide or reject, such as unwanted traits or characteristics suppressed during childhood, and bringing them into your awareness. It allows you to identify, heal, and accept all parts of yourself—including the “bad” parts you’ve repressed—so you're no longer held back by emotional triggers, self-sabotaging behaviors, and self-limiting beliefs. 

Shadow Work Journal for Self-Love, you'll connect with your inner child, release shame, guilt, and fear, and face the world anew as your whole, authentic self.  

  • Embrace your shadow to embrace yourself with a step-by-step approach to shadow work that prioritizes self-love 

  • Use guided shadow work exercises and activities to find your most vulnerable parts and hold them with gentle awareness  

  • Support yourself with loving self-care rituals to care for your mind, body, and spirit as you explore uncharted territory 

  • Grow more self-aware with 75 journaling prompts to explore your shadow and its impact on your life