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Second World War

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Genre:Military History
Language: English


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Published: January 23, 2024

About the Book

The Second World War is brought to life with captivating color and detail in this illustrated history from renowned historian James Holland and award-winning artist Keith Burns

From the internationally acclaimed historian James Holland comes an enthralling and illuminating account of the key battles and crucial turning points of the Second World War, brought vividly to life with over 280 full color illustrations from award-winning artist Keith Burns.

Complex, total and global, the Second World War was the deadliest conflict in human history, with over 300 million soldiers seeing combat. The movements and turns of these six deadly years have had far-reaching consequences which still impact our global relations today. From the horrors of the Western Front to the paddy fields of Burma,
The Second World War: An Illustrated History takes us through each key moment across the history, in an accessible and authoritative account from a master military historian and captivating illustrator.