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The Power of Geography Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World

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About the Book

Ten maps that reveal the future of global power and politics: the much-anticipated sequel to the million-copy bestseller Prisoners of Geography.

In the book, the author focuses on ten areas that he considers to be potential hotspots in the future due to their geography, for reasons including climate change, ethnic strife and competition for resources. The areas in focus are Australia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Greece and Turkey, the Sahel (the transition zone on the edge of the Sahara desert), Ethiopia, Spain and outer space.

The autohor considers that immigration from the Sahel to Europe will continue, that wars may break out in Ethiopia's neighbours due to their reliance on the country's water, that oil is running out in Saudi Arabia and that Britain is seeking new alliances post-Brexit. He analyses Australia's role as a U.S. ally and its relations with its Pacific neighbours, including China. In his view, Iran faces the choice between social liberalisation, or revolt from its young population. He predicts an arms race between the US, Russia and China to be the dominant power in outer space, similar to the Cold War nuclear arms race.