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Post-Baby Bounce

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Genre:Parenting & Relationships
Language: English
Release: July 14, 2015
Dimensions:10.0 x 7.99 x 1.85 inches
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About the Book

Spring back to shape after having a baby

Namita Jain, a wellness specialist with over twenty-five years of experience, reveals within these pages the real reasons behind post-pregnancy weight gain. She gives a tested and proven exercise and diet regimen that is best suited to your recuperating body.

Step-by-step exercises that will boost your energy levels as well as give you a flatter stomach, including illustrations that will help you get the posture and technique right.

The healthiest breastfeeding positions, along with a diet chart that takes care of your special vitamin and mineral needs during this period.

Tips on how to fight post-partum blues, and deal with numerous problems like sleep deprivation, sore breasts, backaches and dry skin.

Advice on how to listen to your body for cues which tell you when you are overdoing things, for rest is as important as a workout.

Tailored to fit into the hectic routines of a new mother, this guide to post-pregnancy weight loss will soon have you feeling--and looking--better than ever!