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Ocean Animal Atlas

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Genre:Writing & Editing Guides
Language : English
Published: January 26, 2023
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About the Book

Take a deep dive into the aquatic world to see sealife as you've never seen it before. Ocean by ocean and sea by sea, readers will discover all the amazing animals that inhabit this watery landscape, from ferocious sharks and giant whales to multicoloured tropical fish, long-legged squid and strange bioluminescent creatures that glow eerily in the ocean depths. Beautiful illustrations, dynamic photos and fact-packed text will reveal the lives, habitats and behaviours of these incredible marine creatures. Maps and diagrams will show where the animals live - both horizontally across the oceans (including migration routes), and vertically from the surface down to the seabed. It's an underwater adventure in a book. 

Content includes:

History of Ocean Life
Types of ocean creatures
Marine habitats
Ocean topography
Oceans at risk
Ocean exploration
Currents and gyres
Ocean food chains
Ocean water
Ocean winds and storms
Seas vs Oceans
Atlantic Ocean
Major Seas (Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea)
Arctic Ocean
Indian ocean (plus Red Sea and Bay of Bengal)
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean – Depth Zones, including Mariana Trench
Southern Ocean

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