Nepal’s Federal Conundrum's front cover
Nepal’s Federal Conundrum's front coverNepal’s Federal Conundrum's back cover

Nepal’s Federal Conundrum Negotiating a Strong Federal System on Weak Democratic Foundations

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Genre:Political & Legal Fiction, Politics & Government
Language : English
Published: November 23, 2023

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Nepal's Federal Conundrum: Negotiating a Strong Federal System on Weak Democratic Foundations seeks to examine how the federalization process has been unfolding since the promulgation of the new constitution in 2015. Historically contextualized around democratic institutions and spaces, the articles in this edited volume focus on frameworks that have contoured institutions and processes. They also discuss the intricacies of the everyday practices with which federalized governance is being realized.

The deep analyses make clear that the post-2015 period has been one of active negotiations of authority between old and new state institutions as well as citizens and groups. The writings also reveal the manner in which new political institutions, spaces and actors at the different levels are contoured by memories and practices of previous government institutions and relations, as well as by patronage relations, conflict, communal relations, impunity and structured inequalities.

Seira Tamang is a researcher with interests focused on gender, state, civil society and democracy. She is a former chair of Martin Chautari, a research and policy institute in Kathmandu.