My Mother Bhagiratha Prasai's front cover
My Mother Bhagiratha Prasai's front coverMy Mother Bhagiratha Prasai's back cover

My Mother Bhagiratha Prasai

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From the backcover

' My Mother Bhagiratha Prasai' is, indeed, a heart-felt tribute from a son to his mother in an emotionally moving language. The biography is replete with instances of several passages glorifying the image of a loving mother, her role as a social worker, a philanthropist and, above all, a true representative of women in Nepali society with their strengths and weaknesses, and their commitment to abide by established norms, values and ideals.’
-Prof. Dr. Mohan P. Lohani

' My Mother Bhagiratha Prasai' is not a true story only about my mother. It is a representative true story of the majority of Nepalese mothers. I have seen, heard, and read stories of many mothers that are similar and/or even worse than my mother's. The inner agony and pain of those mothers do not generally come into the limelight like my mother's. In this story, my mother has acted as a real-life heroine who performed the leading role epitomizing most mothers of Nepal.’
-Narendra Raj Prasai

Illustrating the ups and downs that she experienced throughout her life, 'My Mother Bhagiratha Prasai depicts my grandmother as the epitome of Nepalese women who was born and raised during Ranacracy. This book also reveals a pure love between a son and his mother. Never have I seen a son loving his mother like my father loved his mother. Maybe the aroma of that love also motivated me to translate the biography of my grandmother that my father wrote.
-Dr. Kanchanjunga Prasai