Music Myth & Melody's front cover
Music Myth & Melody's front coverMusic Myth & Melody's back cover

Music Myth & Melody A Brief History of Nepali Music

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Language : English
Published: January 06, 2024

From the backcover

The tradition of music in Nepal is associated with the Vedic music,which originated at a time when borders were not drawn among the modern states. Bharat Natyashastra, the first authentic musical text, speaks about the existence of classical (Desi) music in various countries of the erstwhile Bharat Barsha Anga, Banga, Kalinga, Batsa, Awadh, Maghad, P d, Paundrha, Nepal, and their surrounding regions. In the modern world, Nepal remains the only sovereign country of the ancient Indian Subcontinent having deep roots in the classical music.

The rulers of different dynasties in Nepal have linked music with religion and harnessed the power of music as a tool to govern the country. The kings, royal palaces and temples functioned as cradles as well as patrons and connoisseurs of religion, culture and musical activities. With solid foundations laid in the Lichcchavi period, the cultural activities in and around the Kathmandu Valley during the Malla period followed by Shah and Rana period helped elevate Nepal's musical and cultural traditions to greater heights.

The first of its kind, Music, Myth and Melody written by the musical virtuoso of the esteemed Regmi Gharana, Prof. Dr. Dhrubesh Chandra Regmi takes you on a journey through the rich history of Nepali classical music. Based on authentic historical facts and evidence, the book explores the classical and folk forms of music, dance and socio-cultural traditions in different periods that have bound the country and its people since many centuries.