Justice Society of America's front cover

Justice Society of America The next age

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Genre:Graphic Novel
Language: English
Release: November 04, 2008
Dimensions:10.19 x 6.65 x 0.2 inches
Weight:204.12 g

About the Book

Geoff Johns, the critically acclaimed writer of INFINITE CRISIS ushers in the next generation of the world's first super-team that inspired all of the others. Determined to rebuild the Justice Society, founding members Green Lantern, Flash and Wildcat initiate an unprecedented recruitment program, tracking the bloodlines of heroes across the world to bring in new members. Just as the Society welcomes the rookie heroes into their ranks, an evil force sets out to destroy them. Discover new legacies, solve a mystery stretching into the far future, witness the return of the world's greatest hero, and watch the fall of another!