Himalayan Fruits and Berries

Himalayan Fruits and Berries

Bioactive Compounds, Uses and Nutraceutical Potential

Edited by Hari Prasad Devkota, Edited by Indra Bhatt, Edited by Tarun Belwal
Genre:Agriculture, Health & Wholefood Cookery
Language: English
Published:August 26, 2022

About the Book

Himalayan Fruits and Berries: Nutraceutical fruits and berries from the area are presented in Bioactive Compounds, Uses, and Nutraceutical Potential, which also shows how they may be used in other nutraceutical products. The book examines distribution, availability, and production techniques in addition to covering traditional, ethnomedical, and regional usage of potentially beneficial wild fruits and berries. The discussion of the nutritional composition includes an examination of the various processing methods. The book also provides case studies that go "from field to industry" and a summary of clinical trials. Researchers interested in nutrition, food science, food chemistry, plant science, pharmacology, and students or researchers looking into the application of Himalayan wild berries and fruits in nutraceuticals will all benefit from this book. Additionally, it will be helpful to individuals searching for new sources and components in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.


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