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Frontier and Its Gandhi - India and the Himalayan Problems

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Genre:Asian History
Language : English
Published: February 14, 2006
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About the Book

PREFACE THE RW. F. PROVINCE OF INDIA presents one of the most fascinating problems today. It is interesting alike to the soldier and the statesman, the poet and the patriot, the Government and the governed It is a feverish battleground for the activities of Con gressites and Jinnahites, the Communists versus the Capitalists, the Allies against the Axis. Sir William Barton reminds us that German propaganda is respon sible for undermining the British programme of peace ful penetration. It has been aptly stated that The NorthWest Frontier is not only the frontier of India it is an international frontier of the first importance from rhe military point of view for the whole Empire. The aim of the author in this book is to attempt a dispassionate study of the Himalayan problems that hedge around the Frontier. No side has been taken in the idealogical conflict. I have steered clear of all pro pagandist ideas. It is as much a scientific study as is possible under the circumstances. A little drizzle of lovelinesses sprinkled hither and thither may be easily understood, because the author is studying a province where he was born and bred up And blood is always thicker than water CHAPTER 1. The Fertile Frontier CHAPTER II. The Key of India CHAPTER III The Frontier Fires CHAPTER IV. The Pathan Psychology CHAPTER V. The Frontier Flame CHAPTER VI, The Frontier Gandhi CHAPTER VE Servants of God CHAPTER VUL Shape of Things to Come