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Fragile Earth

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Published: September 01, 2012

About the Book

HardCover. Pub Date :2012-09-27 296 English HarperCollins UK This unique book provides a striking look at the dramatic changes that are happening to our planet The second edition of Fragile Earth shows over 350 dramatic images of. natural disasters. human development and the impacts of climate change. Alongside the powerful imagery. contributions from leading experts will be shown with maps. graphs and statistics on the major subjects. such as climate change. the environment and urbanization. Striking images of the following events are Japanese TsunamiIcelandic volcanoChilean volcanoUnited States tornadoesEarthquakes in Christchurch and HaitiOil spill in Gulf of Mexico Updated images from the following areas will be Satellite images of Aral SeaUp-to-date photographs of North American glaciersLatest Yellow River satellite images Th...