Climate-Temperature Genius Nexus
Climate-Temperature Genius NexusClimate-Temperature Genius Nexus

Climate-Temperature Genius Nexus

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About the Book

The human brains have made outstanding discoveries throughout their evolutionary history. Early innovations like fire making, tool making, taming animals, farming, etc., awareness of life-threatening risks around them, and understanding of the nature of changing climates are, what outstanding discoveries made by human brains. Among millions of lives that emerged on the earth, only the ancestral lineages of humans have been awakening their brains nonstop, which lead them to the modern stages and will continue to take them onward to a targetless destiny.

It is unequivocal that the evolution of humans is closely linked with the climate of the globe. The global climate itself was influenced by continental drifts. There is much evidence to show that parts of the Great Lake Chad region started forming 94 million years ago from the coastal area of the Arabian Sea that extended into those areas. The fossil of Prosimian species found in this area dates back 50-55 million years. The author also concludes that the Great Chad Lake areas and the East African rift valley areas were homelands of Prosimians and their ancestors. The human ancestor attained the bipedalism stage around 2-3 million years ago. After reaching this stage, hominids remained continuously dominant and gained supremacy over other species on the Earth. The exact climate in the past between 100 and 65 million years ago is not yet clear. The author further adds that it was the fluctuating temperature that widened during periods of changing climates that were manuring brains to be more awakened and active.

After the advancement of modern science and technological development, dominant groups appeared. The author seeks answers to the fact that, in general, geniuses emerged in communities, groups, and places of dominantly in certain climatic and latitudinal zones. The author hence puts forward the hypothesis of the Climate Genius Nexus: there is a direct impact of climate (temperature to be more specific) fluctuations on knowledge and perceptions gained by a human brain. The author reached this conclusion after collecting and reviewing various climate data from more than 50 locations where modern geniuses were bom. Numerous geniuses are enshrined in religious mythologies. The study does not include superior geniuses like Brahma, Vishnu (Rama and Krishna), and Maheshwar (Siva) because reliable climate information is not available for their birth locations at the time of birth. Similarly, information on the Islamic god, Muhammad, is excluded.

The climate data included maximum, minimum, and average temperature; precipitation and number of rainy days, snowfall and number of snowy days; average cloud and humidity; average hours of sun and number of sunny days, and atmospheric pressure. Similarly, the author also referred to climate data from more than 30 locations in the East African Rift Valley, the Middle East and Equatorial zones, and climate estimates of past epochs from the literature of various researchers of different times. Temperature and precipitation data were evaluated and analyzed to draw the conclusion. Although some data series were not of the same period, they were sufficient to provide a reasonable generalized conclusion in favour of the postulated hypothesis. Palaeoanthropologists and anthropologists have also linked continental drift theory and climates at different epochs to the evolution of human beings. 

The brain starts keeping records of life-threatening and needy events in memory, starts brain capacity building, etc., which modern neurologists call the memory system of the human brain. Here comes the reference to the Jyotish Shastra/horoscope. Evolution crossed several eras of developing the process of self-cognizant capacity in the brains. 

Religious philosophies become dominant in later eras of the long paths of human evolution. Religions were creations of extraordinary, prominent geniuses of their times. They incorporated a mixture of spiritual, philosophical, and psychological components, as well as logic and beliefs, to reason and explain the unsolved queries of the then geniuses. Religious and psychological ways gave some kind of immunity to humans at times when there was not much known about human physiology, causes of diseases, and uses of herbs and means of easing life with material discoveries. The philosophy of brain exercise (Dhyan and Meditation) was considered a part of life to bring calm and relaxation, and mantras and rituals have been used for health and well-being for centuries.

It is hard to pinpoint any specific location with the most favorable climate for mutating newer and newer shapes and body structures of human lineages with the aim of improving intelligence with certainty. This book emphasizes some prominent places in Africa where hominids dwelt nearby and had begun developing their intelligence. The selected cities are close to the locations where hominid fossils have been unearthed. The nature of the current climate extrapolates some information on past climate since the Cambrian climate (541 to 252 million years ago) and is reviewed with continental drift theory, which also hinted that a few locations in the East African Rift Valley and the Great Chad Lake region were highly favourable places for the germination of hominids over past millions of years ago.

Modern medical science has proved that the brain (the nervous system) controls the function of organs in the body system. The genius brain owned imagination and creativity, -kept understanding the process underlying the events and things they come across, postulated principles on discoveries, and continued searching for answers to curiosities on non-noticed and not discovered phenomena by the earlier geniuses. Credit for awakening the brain in all directions goes primarily to the fluctuating climate they faced.

The book covers a wide subject to ascertain that temperature fluctuations have been continuously awakening the human brain in building intelligentsia. The human brain owes credit to shape human physiology and anatomy, and many more, to model oneself from four-footed to the modern bipedal. The author concludes that the main ingredient was the temperature fluctuations based on the fact that the 'moment while from the womb to out', a healthy new-born experiences/ feels the first, is the temperature differences. The 'birth moment' and infancy are the paradigm shift to the new-born in the context of the climate-temperature genius nexus.


From the backcover

Jagat Kumar Bhusal, PhD PEng

The book contains a brief of 51 geniuses, including Vyasa, Socrates, Galileo, Faraday, Newton, Einstein, and others.

The author concludes:

The behavior of the human brain is affected by changes in climate.

Upon the very fact that the 'moment', a healthy newborn 'from the womb to the outer world' experiences / feels that the first is the difference in environments. The temperature fluctuations/variations exposed from during the infancy to childhood is the most influential intelligence enricher ingredient.

Human ancestors, over generation to generation since their primate lineages, had been stimulating with temperature variation that they faced and burdening their brain system to a hive of variety activities and responsibilities for themselves and for the communities/societies.

Although intelligences leading to inventions and innovations are strengthened by background knowledge, it was predictable fact that the fluctuating temperature of the environment played had a major role in our ancestors.

The analysis result supports the hypothesis that climate, especially the temperature variation between 4 degrees and 32 degrees Celsius, is an intelligence enriching environment for the brain of humans over the evolution path. The author concludes that ambient temperature fluctuations of 28 degrees Celsius are the range for the development of human intelligence. The value of 28 is the difference between 4 degrees and 32 degrees Celsius. Interestingly, the temperature of 32 degrees is also a value derived by subtracting 4 from 36 on the Celsius scale. A perfect habitat for a genius to grow is where maximum temperature reaches between 32 and 36 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature falls between 4 and O degrees Celsius.

Human ancestries (Aquatic- Amphibian transition) also germinated on Lake Mega-Chad and its shore. The stage of brain automation in the human evolution path, when humans reached bipedalism, was the major turning point for intensification towards innovations and inventions.

The female brain also plays a role in the balance between the gender of the offspring.

The soul is the 'Mirage' of the brain.

Buddhism (Thoughts) was born in Lumbini, not Gaya.

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