Chiniyamha Kisicha
Chiniyamha KisichaChiniyamha Kisicha

Chiniyamha Kisicha

चिनियाम्ह किसिचा

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Genre:Poetry, Drama & Literature
Language: English
Published:March 18, 2023

About the Book

First published in 1965 by Rama Prakashan, Chiniyamha Kisicha by Durga Lal Shrestha went on to become one of the most beloved collections of children's poems in Nepal Bhasa. In its latest edition, published by Safu, the original Nepal Bhasa poems are accompanied by their translation into English by Professor Kritish Rajbhandari. Readers old and new will rediscover the joys of the poems in both languages.

From the backcover

Ciniyamha Kisică, 
Gem from my poetic past
That saw light
More or less sixty years ago 
While playing with children
Like a child. You emerge again,
Today, joyful
In charming English wings
Fledging from Safu's doors.
Take off and fly
From village to village, country to country,
Spread your cheery tunes.
But, I worry you might fall
Soaring in your lightness!