China-Nepal-India Triangle

The Dark Side of Indo-Nepal Relations

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Genre: Geopolitics
Language: English


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937734004
ISBN10: 9937734002

About the Book

This book examines the historical perspective in relation to India, China, in an elegant, lucid, and sequential manner. It also outlines part of the less explored Indo-Nepal relation that remains as a dark side.

From the backcover

This is a well-written book. It presents all of the outlines of historical perspective in relation to India, China in a beautiful lucid and sequential manner. The book should be an eye opener for the policy making elites in Nepal, India and China.

Bishnu P. Poudel, Ph.D.

United States

This is a must-read book by young generation of Nepali politicians, academicians, intelligentsia and every Nepali citizen to understand this complex nature of hybrid colonialism, which provides the basis for the interpretation of Indo-Nepal relationship.

Prof. Gopi Upreti, Ph.D.

United States

The book argues that Nepal is in hybrid colonialism and the Nepali people are heading towards slavery due to the behavior of certain political leaders. The book discusses how India has made Nepal dependent on the former Drawing the conclusion that the foreign policy of Nepal's political leaders has failed, the author has suggested the Nepalese leaders be responsible and accountable towards the nation.

Chandra Shakher Adhikari