Century Person's 100 Years's front cover
Century Person's 100 Years's front coverCentury Person's 100 Years's back cover

Century Person's 100 Years

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Language : English
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From the backcover

Authored by renowned biographer Narendra Raj Prasai, "Century Person :Satya Mohan Joshi' is a mirror in which I can find my own image. At the same time, it's an X-ray which reveals every inside of me.
One should learn the art of honoring admirers of art, culture and literature from Narendra Raj Prasai, an epochmaking personality.
-Century Person Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi

Literary Century Person Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi is the name of a hardworking, distinguished and inspiring centenarian in the world of Nepalese language and literature. His glowing personality and creativeness are everlasting.
Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi's life is full of struggles. Though he has had to struggle his entire life, he is fortunate enough in the final phase of his life. Not very long ago, he got the ever prestigious most honorary title of 'Literary Century Person' from the nation in recognition of his contributions.
-Narendra Raj Prasai

Meanwhile, I encountered the new book by Narendra Raj Prasai, an updated version of the one I had translated before, as mentioned above; but, condensed to the greatest extent. Enticed by the aroma of Mr. Prasai's talent, I could not resist translating this book, too, into English. Hence, this translated version - Century Person's 100 Years!
-Anu Raj Joshi