Castleford to Kathmandu's front cover

Castleford to Kathmandu Poems in progress...

Genre:Songs & Lyrical Poems
Language : English

About the Book

The condensed book of poems by renowned Anglo-Nepali author Greta Rana contains a number of previously unpublished pieces. After her father passed away, the author started putting them together in late 2007 using the bits of notes she had collected in Castleford and Kathmandu. The poems deal with grief and strife quite a bit. It's obvious why the title is what it is. The author's hometown has a lot in common with Nepal's condition and some of its residents in the past. Nepal never had the distinction of being a developed nation, but to some people, it was connected to those turbulent early 1900s times. These groups came back, hoping for a change. The conflict did, but the change did not. Greta Rana's latest stunning literary work, which is very humanistic and filled with lovely words, is an important addition to the poetry genre and ought to pique the interest of book readers.