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Binod Chaudhary (eng.) My Story

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Language : English
Published: 2015
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About the Book

The autobiography covers Chaudhary’s life from a student at a government school in Gana Bahal, playing and growing in the streets of Khichapokhari, running a discotheque, pursuing a hobby as a singer and a filmmaker, leading the Nepali business community, expanding beyond Nepal and reaching a place where any other Nepali is yet to reach.

From the backcover

The fitness fanatic who hikes in the Himalayas controls an international fortune that stretches from Nepal's Nabil Bank to a joint venture with India's Taj hotel chain.


The noodle magnate Binod Chaudhary, known half-jokingly in Kathmandu as "Nepal's one-man multinational”, has long been the country's most prominent businessman.

-Financial Times, London

Binod Chaudhary hails from an orthodox Marwari business family but he didn't limit himself to the family-run clothing business, From running a discotheque, to singing, to producing a film, Binod Chaudhary has been involved in many different ventures.

His flagship instant noodle brand, Wai Wai, has sold more than two billion packets worldwide and is enjoyed by millions.

His business empire has expanded from Nepal into various sectors around the globe, including finance, real estate, hospitality, construction, and food and beverages.

His global partnerships in the hospitality industry started with the India-based Taj Group and now extend to 74 hotels in 11 different countries. His goal is 200 hotels by 2020.

Forbes magazine included Binod Chaudhary in its billionaires' list in 2013. Since then he has maintained his status as the first and only Nepali to be included in this list.

His connections to royalty and political leaders of the nation and the region add spice to his story. These connections have not been without controversy.

Here is a man who grew up on the streets of Kathmandu, to whom the sky seems a conservative limit. He wants everything in life, not one thing at the price of another.

His relief efforts following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal earned him another listing in Forbes, this time as one of 40 outstanding givers.