Chandra Prakash Baniya's historical fiction 'Maharani' bags Madan Puraskar 2076

'Maharani' a historical fiction by Chandra Prakash Baniya has bagged the prestigious Madan Puraskar for the year 2076. The book was published by Shikha Books.

Seven books 'Jokerko Banduk' (जोकरको बन्दुक) by Bimal Niva, 'Dharsai Dharsako Chakrabyuha' (धर्सैधर्साको चक्रव्यूह) by Tirtha Shrestha, 'Parityakta' (परित्यक्ता) by Bhuwan Dhungana, 'Maharas Nighantu - I' (महारसनिघण्टु : प्रथम खण्ड) by Yogi Dharma Mahararas, 'Maharani' (महारानी) by Chandra Prakash Baniya, 'Mohapath' (मोहपथ) by Lalit Bista. and 'Yatramaa' (यात्रामा) by Sharada Sharma were shortlisted for the prize out of the 151 books availed for Guthi. 

Baniya's novel narrates the story of King Ghanashyam of Parbat and the controversy over his successor. Malebam and Bhadribam two sons of King Ghanashyam compete for the throne of Parbat, a kingdom that existed before the time of Prithvi Narayan Shah. Malebam was elder in birth whereas Bhadribam was conceived earlier and born later. When Malebam was declared the successor of King Ghanashyam, Bhadribam revolted while his wife, to everyone's surprise, supported Malebam to get rid of Bhadribam. In recognition of her efforts to save Parbat, the palace gave her the status of "Maharani". But, she took Sannyasa without letting anyone know and went to Vindravan. From that time, the people of Parbat have been worshipping her as Maharani. The book also depicts the life of the people, the justice system, and the politics of Parbat.

The Guthi also decided to honor musician Shanti Thatal with 'Jagadamba-Shree Puraskar'. Chairperson of Guthi, Kunda Dixit acknowledged that Baniya and Thatal will be honored with the 'Madan Puraskar' and 'Jagadamba-Shree Puraskar'. Details regarding the award distribution ceremony will be published later because of the circumstances created by COVID-19.