Jeevan Kumar Prasain's third book Waripari nai Sarwopari

From a few years, back Jeevan Kumar Prasain has been imparting tips for living and now he has come up with his new book 'Waripari nai Sarwopari' through Publication Nepalaya. He is working in the University of Alabama situated at Birmingham, USA and has already published books like 'Jeevan Jiune Kaida' and 'Sadhai Tanneri' based on a healthy lifestyle from the same publication. He is actively involved in studying and carrying researches based on the health-related matters in America. His scientific research center is associated with the 'National Institute of Health' (NIH). He has done his Ph.D. from Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University

In his new book, he describes the nature of us and the nature around us. Prasain also talks about the things that benefit us and are in our surrounding. And also gives his points regarding the preservation of such things from extinction. He also warns us that if we don't preserve these things today then what kind of world we will leave for our coming generation.