Waripari nai Sarwopari

वरिपरि नै सर्वोपरि

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Genre: Self-help, Health & Fitness
Language: Nepali
Published: May 17, 2019
Edition: 1st


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937932011
ISBN10: 9937932017
Pages: 224

About the Book

Waripari nai Sarwopari is the third book from the famous writer of 'Jiwan Jiune Kaida' and 'Sadhain Tanneri' Jeevan Kumar Prasain. This book describes the nature of us and the nature around us. Publication Nepalaya is bringing this book in the market. In this book, Prasain describes the things that benefit us and are in our surrounding and also gives his points regarding the preservation of such things from extinction. He also warns us that if we don't preserve these things today then what kind of world we will leave for our coming generation.