Zhang Zhung Nyengyud Ngondro's front cover

Zhang Zhung Nyengyud Ngondro The Preliminary Practices to Dzogchen According to the Oral Transmission to Zhangzhung

Genre:Asian History, Buddhism
Language: English

About the Book

Ponlob Rinpoche charts the course of the nine practices known in the Tibetan Bon and Buddhist traditions as Ngondro. Because Ngondro teachings hardly assume any prior knowledge, they are suitable for introducing Buddhist practices in general, as well as some key concepts of the underlying worldview.

For instance, before a meditation session a practitioner performs the three Ngondro practices known as Guru-Yoga, Refuge, and Bodhichitta. In this book one finds an orderly and detailed explanation of what these practices mean, as well as practical instruction on how to perform them.