You Can Heal Your Life

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Genre: Self-help
Language: English


Origin: India
ISBN13: 9788190565585
ISBN10: 8190565583
Pages: 253

From the backcover

"An excellent book for restructuring one's life and finding self-esteem and self-love."
- Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and co-author of Help Me to Heal

"I've written this book to share what I know with you, my readers. It incorporates portions of my little book, Heal Your Body, which has become widely accepted as an authoritative work on the mental patterns that create dis-eases in the body.

"If you do the exercises in You Can Heal Your Life progressively as they appear, by the time you finish, you will have begun to change your life. I suggest you read through the book once, then slowly read it again, but this time do each exercise in depth. If you can, work through the exercises with a friend or family member.

"Know that when you work with these ideas, my loving support is with you."