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Yoga (Collins GEM)

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Genre:Exercise & Workout Books, Fitness & Diet
Language: English
Dimensions:3.23 x 4.61 x 0.43 inches
Weight:110 g
Published: April 04, 2005

About the Book

A practical introduction to hatha yoga. Clear, illustrated step-by-step instructions to over 40 key postures. Benefits and cautions are highlighted for each posture.

Published in paperback with a stylish new cover design, Gem Yoga will strengthen the bestselling Mind, Body & Spirit Gem.

Collins Gem Yoga provides a good introduction to yoga, particularly for those thinking of taking up a class. It is also an invaluable reference book for those attending classes and who wish to practise the postures at home.

Includes over 40 postures

Describes breathing techniques

Gives a history of yoga