Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha's front cover
Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha's front coverWomen and the Weight Loss Tamasha's back cover

Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha

Rs 800
Language: English
Weight:300 g
Published: June 01, 2023

From the backcover

Sharp, chatty, uninhibited and peppered with insights from her own work with women seeking salvation from obesity
- Outlook

A social, brutally honest perspective and achievable approach to the concept of weight loss
Times Wellness

Tamasha is a flowy, witty, bohemian and sensible thesis on women in South Asia and their idiosyncrasies
- Dawn, Pakistan

Do yourself a favor & grab a copy
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There are reasons why women gain weight which are beyond the math of calorie in + calorie out. There is the psychological, emotional and societal baggage that often goes unnoticed and turns women into compulsive believers of the myth that weight loss will bring them acceptance and happiness. Crash diets and weight loss programs cash in on exactly this.

Rujuta helps you decode, understand and let go of this baggage, and this is exactly what makes the book a winner It celebrates the feminine body and questions the very belief that it should fit some size, shape or an ideal mould.

Rujuta has really taught me how to eat right and stay fit. She's helped me lose 24 kgs after my son's birth and I feel light and fit as ever - Karisma Kapoor