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Wild Edible Mushroom in Forest Ecosystem

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Language : English
Published: June 02, 2014
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About the Book

This book was framed to understand the edible mushrooms distribution over different forest ecosystems. This book also gives the basic details about the edible mushrooms description and how it differs from the poisonous mushrooms. Mushrooms are sources of food for wildlife and fungi that cause decay in living trees are beneficial to many species of birds and mammals. Wild edible mushrooms act as a source of food, income and to maintain the health of forest. Wild edible mushrooms also have medicinal properties, some of which are found in edible species. Wild useful mushroom therefore contribute towards diet, income and human health. The wild edible mushrooms are good for heart, low calorie food, prevents cancer, anti-aging property, regulates digestive system and strengthens immunity. Sharpening our knowledge will be a good investment and is an essential part of maintaining continuous production of wild edible mushrooms for future generation to get a benefit out of it.