Warriors of the Himalayas

Warriors of the Himalayas

Rediscovering the Arms and Armor of Tibet

Genre:Architecture, Arts
Language: English
Published:May 01, 2006



About the Book

This is the first comprehensive study of the interesting topic of Tibetan armor and weapons. Over the centuries, Tibet has witnessed enormous changes in art, culture, and politics involving Tibetan, Mongol, Chinese, Nepalese, and other Himalayan states. Numerous relics from these societies include helmets, horse and man armor, saddles, swords, archery supplies, and other weapons, some of which are rare instances of previously undiscovered varieties. They include exquisite specimens of pierced ironwork ornamented with gold and silver, expertly constructed swords and sword blades, and incredibly rare examples of decorated leatherwork, all of which date from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century. This beautifully designed book examines each category in turn and contains essays by eminent academics. Additionally, a list of passages from some of the rare remaining Tibetan works on this topic as well as the first lexicon of Tibetan terminology for weapons and armor are presented.


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