Void's front cover
Rs 150
Language : English
Published: 2006

About the Book

'Void' is an anthology of poems by Basanta Lohani. The poems in this collection are originally written in English and most of them have been published sporadically in different magazines and newspapers.

From the backcover

About the Author

Basanta Lohani is an entrepreneur, university teacher, journalist, writer, and poet. His writings analyze with insight and understanding the economic and development scenarios emanating from the changes in political orders which assume great importance in the distribution of income and wealth of the nation.

Poetry has always remained his passion. Shy and sensitive, Basanta Lohani has a rare feel for words and an extraordinary tenderness for his country and fellow human beings.

'Reading through the collection of poems written by Basanta Lohani I got a delight which is more enduring than the delight I felt when I heard him reciting some of these poems on the month's last Saturday, Poetry-reading events for the past few years. The name of the collection is VOID- a significant title in relation to the stillness and movement of his inner and outer existence. VOID is a new way of looking at experiences. Like with most modern men and women of sharp sensibility the entire collection is a dialogue of the poet with himself:

                          In pure delight 
                          I continue my search 
                          And the power of tranquillity
                          Transforms anguish into creativity
                          It is Brindavan.

Often I love reading his poetry with proper musicality. But more often, I envy his progress towards poetic excellence. In spite of myself wish him still greater strides in the art of poetry-making.' 

- D. P. Bhandari
Poet and Thinker

"A poet who senses acutely the feelings of the time and puts them forth with beauty born of candour." 
- Indra B. Rai
Novelist and Critic

"What pleases me most is the poet's frank and honest expression combined with a confidence and competence in the medium, which only a few Nepali writers in English have been able to show thus far." 
- Padma Devkota
Poet and Scholar