Vishnu's front cover
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Genre:Language, Grammar & Vocabulary
Language : Hindi
Published: October 08, 2023
Dimensions:7.28 x 9.53 x 0.16 inches
Weight:49.9 g

About the Book

Lord Vishnu, one third of the trinity of the Hindu mythology, is kind and benevolent. It is to him that the pantheon of gods and goddesses turn to when there is trouble. He has restored power balance and dharma time and time again. This book retells some of the legendary stories associated with Vishnu. Gorgeous illustrations and simple sentences of these stories will inculcate the love for reading and our culture among the early beginners.

Let the children learn the stories associated with Lord Vishnu.

Vibrant and captivating illustrations expand imagination Introduces kids to epic tales and culture of India Simple language makes the stories easy to understand Encourages kids to read Builds a robust vocabulary