Unleashing the Vajra

Nepal's Journey Between India and China

Rs 960
Genre: Economics
Language: English
Published: December 15, 2019
Edition: 1st


ISBN13: 9780670083305
ISBN10: 0670083305
Pages: 432

About the Book

Nepal's great advantage is its location between India and China, particularly now as these two Asian giants are set to be the world's leading economies in 2050. Nepal has historically been at its most prosperous when it has leveraged this geographical position. Today, this opportunity emerges again-and in order to take advantage of the growth of India and China, Nepal needs to hitch its wagon to the fast-moving engines to its north and south.Sujeev Shakya argues that it is imperative to understand the history and learn from it to shape events for a better future. He analyses the social, political and cultural aspects underlying the current state of Nepal to strategize the recalibrations required to capitalize on its location. Economic transformations cannot be realized through money and management skills alone; they have to be driven by the societal transformation. Unleashing the Vajra outlines the factors that will determine Nepal's destiny in the years to come.