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Tyo Nepal

त्यो नेपाल
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About the Book

The diplomatic relations established between Nepal and France in 1949 opened the door for cooperation and cultural exchange between the two countries. The relation between France and Nepal covering a wide range of activities in the political, diplomatic, cultural, economic, scientific, and tourism sectors brought the people of two countries much closer. This continued well into the 1990s. However, a lull was felt in an otherwise vibrant relation after the beginning of the Maoist conflict.

Despite this long interchange, there are still no publications dedicated to France-Nepal relations. This book has been published to fill that lacuna, and is based on the interviews of 29 French nationals who came to Nepal for different purposes, for their work or interest, and eventually ended up forming special bond with Nepal and the Nepalese people. For instance, there are recollections of anthropologists Gerard Toffin, Philip Ramirez, naturalist Jean F. Dobremez, filmmaker Eric Valli, and a host of other individuals belonging to the field of politics, diplomacy, science, aviation, and arts.

The interviews were conducted in French, and the transcripts later translated into Nepali. The publication of this book in the Nepali language, we believe, will help disseminate the views and ideas expressed by eminent French nationals, and these interesting accounts of France-Nepal relationship to the wider Nepali public.